3 tips to increase your effectiveness

1. Build up your mental library

Think of reading as the rapid acquisition of condensed knowledge. Experts, who have worked a long time in your field of interest, have written books with relevant information that you might find useful. Reading ritualistically will help you form new ideas and connections in your mind, and you’ll start to piece information together. Leverage this simple fact and watch your effectiveness skyrocket.

2. Hold yourself accountable

Actions speak louder than words. Saying you’re going to do something is infinitely easier than actually putting in the work and getting it done. Hold yourself accountable by tracking your progress, or you can even ask a friend to help keep you on track.

If it’s within your means, don’t be afraid to go as far as hiring a life coach to keep you accountable and guide you through your journey. A great coach will build your talents and abilities, and will act as your own personal walking library of knowledge. However, any coach worth his salt not will give away their services for free. Be prepared to make the small sacrifice of paying their fees, and in return multiplying your effectiveness.

3. Model successful people’s behaviors

Study people who are currently living the lifestyle you desire. It will be difficult to replicate their lifestyle, but it will be easier to model your behaviors after them. Determine which behaviors of successful people are likely to help you achieve your desired outcome, and start modeling those behaviors.

To model behaviors, break them down into actionable items that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. Over time these actionable items will become second nature and you will have acquired new behaviors that contribute toward accomplishing your goals.

Simple Example:


  • It’s stated that many successful people wake up earlier in the morning

Actionable items:

  • Go to bed earlier
  • Picture the compelling first task of the tomorrow which will help you jump out of bed
  • Wake up earlier

Click here to read about breaking down large goals into smaller, more manageable ones.

Once you’ve determined the task you’re working on is contributing towards achieving desired results, the execution of the task is the next topic of focus.

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  1. Razi August 3, 2016 @ 11:17

    You mean ‘Early to bed early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise’. Cool.

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