Have you ever found yourself thinking:

“There has got to be a better way!”

If you have, then you have come to the right place.

First, let me introduce myself:

My name is Azfan, and I live in Montreal, Canada. I’m passionate about helping people attain their greatness by minimizing repetitive work and maximizing exciting, productive work. During the day, I do this by helping companies maximize their sales and marketing efforts by designing easy-to-use systems that perform complex sales and marketing activities.

I’ve love finding the best ways to improve things, I started Increase My Efficiency (IME)  in 2016 with a singular purpose:

“Help people succeed by being effective and efficient.”

I believe that we have a limited time on this earth and we should spend it doing the things we love doing. Through IME, I share theories, best practices and experiment results that make life more interesting. I illustrate these concepts with some practical advice on how you can go about applying it in your life.

Let’s get down to business shall we?

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